BASF expands distribution relationship with Azelis Americas through the authorization of GMZ Inc.

GMZ Inc. brings BASF’s dispersions, resins and additives portfolio to the Midwest, Ohio Valley, and Northeast distribution territories.


Azelis Americas CASE combines GMZ/EW Kaufmann divisions to form one, stronger entity

Azelis Americas CASE market segment announces the merger of GMZ and EW Kaufmann into one entity, GMZ, to be led by Tom Wells, President, GMZ. “The newly formed GMZ will allow Azelis Americas CASE to better serve our customers, our principals and our employees”, says Frank Bergonzi, CEO and President of Azelis Americas.


Ribelin sets a new safety record, 10 consecutive years without a lost work day due to injury

Ribelin officially announced today that they have completed 10 years without a lost day at their Ribelin Distribution Centers.


Graphitene appoints Azelis exclusive distributor in Italy

Azelis is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Graphitene International Limited, effective 1st of September 2016.


Azelis Americas CASE companies appointed Sales Agent for Bruggolite® Reducing Agents from BruggemannChemical U.S., Inc.

Effective April 25th, 2016 the four Azelis Americas’ CASE companies (E.W. Kaufmann, GMZ Inc., P.T. Hutchins and Ribelin Sales) will be the authorized Sales Agent for Bruggolite® Reducing Agents from BruggemannChemical U.S., Inc. for select accounts.


Chemtura’s Urethanes Business Expands Its Distribution Relationship With Azelis Americas

Chemtura Corporation (NYSE: CHMT) announces today that Azelis Americas will be its sole distributor for its pre-polymer urethanes, curatives and polyester polyols product lines* in North America.


Invista appoints Azelis Americas including Azelis Canada for Amines DYTEK® business

Effective March 1, 2016, Invista is pleased to announce the appointment of Azelis Americas (EW Kaufmann, Ribelin Sales, GMZ Inc, PT Hutchins and Azelis Canada - formerly Unipex Solutions Canada) as their distributor for their Amine line of products.


Arkema expands their relationship in Canada with Azelis Americas with the ORGASOL® line of Polyaminde Powders

Arkema announced today that Azelis Canada, Inc. (Unipex Solutions Canada), an Azelis Americas company will handle the distribution of the Orgasol® product line across Canada. Effiective March 15th, 2016, Azelis Canada will represent Arkema’s Orgasol® line of polyamide powders for industrial applications.


P.T. Hutchins wins the 2015 Distributor of the Year Award from the Dispersions & Pigments division of BASF

P.T. Hutchins, an Azelis Americans Company, earns the prestigious 2015 Distributor of the Year Award from the Dispersions & Pigments division of BASF in North America. This is the first time P.T. Hutchins has won this award from BASF. The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, February 25, 2016 in Charlotte, NC during an annual distribution meeting hosted by BASF.


U.S. Zinc Expands relationship with Azelis Americas Canada

Stamford, CT and Houston – U.S. Zinc today announced the expansion of its relationship with Unipex Solutions Canada, an Azelis Americas company (formerly KODA Distribution Group). Effective February 18, 2016, Azelis Americas will represent U.S. Zinc for zinc oxide and zinc dust across all of Canada.

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