Our values –
guiding everything we do

Azelis continues to expand and develop its operations, united under one shared set of values. Our values guide how we do business and shape the ways we add most value for our customers and our principals.


At Azelis, we understand that expert knowledge sets us apart. An in-depth understanding of our markets, technical expertise in products and applications and the ability to combine it with commercial know-how enables us to add value in all of our business relationships.


Azelis is focussed on serving our chosen market sectors:

This specialisation enables us to develop the highest quality of support and service for our customers and principals at an international, regional and local level.


Within Azelis, we encourage flexibility, speed and proactivity to create value for our customers and our principals. Our entrepreneurial zeal is evident at every level, from the rapid strategic development of our company, substantial investment in systems, best practices and people, and our willingness to embrace new materials and innovative technologies.