Azelis to distribute BERRYSHIELD™ in the Nordic Countries

23 June 2016

Azelis to distribute BERRYSHIELD™ in the Nordic Countries   

Azelis Food & Health, one of the leading global specialty ingredients suppliers to food manufacturers and the Danish natural ingredients manufacturer Asiros have agreed to work together for the sales and marketing of BERRYSHIELD™ in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

BERRYSHIELD™ is a range of natural berry powders with a multitude of healthy, tasteful, colourful berry nutrients packed in a uniquely protective matrix as if they were still in the raw berry, ideal for both direct consumption, health supplements and as food & beverage ingredients.  BERRYSHIELD™ powders have an increased diversity of berry nutrients and the unique protection of taste, color and bioactive compounds offers a new competitive edge.

Thanks to the BERRYSHIELD™ processing technology the berry powders have a broad profile of exceptionally protected berry components. The patented solvent-free technology protects the berry compounds during processing, and the result is a range of highly stable powders less vulnerable to oxidative degradation with improved taste and color and increased heat and pH-resistance. The BERRYSHIELD™ Technology can be applied to all types of berries and 5 powders are currently available: tart cherry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, elderberry and strawberry. The range will continually be expanded with new berry powders.

The BERRYSHIELD™ powders are free from maltodextrin, gluten, dairy, soy, colourings, flavourings and artificial sweeteners and can be used in a wide range of applications.

The raw material is exclusively sourced in Europe and the supply chain is secured to the field with contracted farmers. The production is managed in industrial scale in Denmark. Control of the production chain combined with UltraProfile™ proprietary triple analytical technology guarantees the highest quality of the products. UltraProfile™ provides a significantly more complex characterization of the content at the molecular level than previously possible by a novel combination of spectroscopic methods including the highly advanced q-TOF.

According to Andrew Johnson, Managing Director of Azelis Nordic, the products from Asiros are the perfect match: “Azelis Food & Health is one of the leading specialty ingredients supplier to food manufactures in the world. We are looking forward to offering BERRYSHIELD™ powders to our customers. We have already introduced the products to selected accounts in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland with very positive response. BERRYSHIELD™ is a perfect fit to our product range with the high product attributes and documentation, something our quality focused customers are asking for.”

For further information, please contact Azelis Sales Managers:

Sweden:  Anna Nilsson +46 708196106 or Jens Laugesen, +45 2515 2149
Norway:  Jens Laugesen, +45 2515 2149
Denmark: Henrik Ringhøj, +45 263367
Finland:   Anne Riski, +358 400415519

Pia Secher, Technical Product Manager +45 2325 7063

For more information about Asiros:
Gitte Sjørslev, VP of International Sales,