Our commitments to the wider community

Be part of our sustainable approach!

There are many ways to be worldly-minded. But whenever it concerns social, ethical, environmental choices or human rights and laws, it is always a matter of taking responsibility and acting with respect. That is exactly what Azelis does - showing respect in everything we do. That makes a difference. And of course, the bigger our efforts, the greater our impact will be.

At Azelis we are committed to maintaining the highest human, environmental and ethical values. That is only possible thanks to the cooperation with local communities, with industry bodies, authorities and/or regulators and with you! 

Together we can reduce the environmental impact of our workplace as much as possible. Together we can improve social values in whatever we do, wherever we can.

Responsible Care® and Responsible Distribution have become part of our daily work life. They focus on operations and product stewardship which makes them part of corporate responsibility. However, the overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme takes it one step further.

CSR concentrates on the complete picture, such as:

  • our company values
  • ethical behaviour
  • human rights
  • environment
  • fair operating practices

Responsible Care®/Responsible Distribution and CSR together provide a comprehensive framework of all the efforts that Azelis makes throughout the entire supply chain and beyond.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Azelis Corporate Social Responsibility policy is to conduct its business so that its values and behaviour are aligned with the expectations and needs of stakeholders and society. This is our commitment towards sustainability. Azelis is a member of the UN Global Compact initiative.

View and download our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Sustainable procurement policy

Sustainable procurement is part of our CSR policy. The relationships with our principals and suppliers are of paramount importance. Our sustainable procurement policy covers labour practices and human rights, environment and fair operating practices including due diligence on conflict minerals.

Azelis requests its principals and suppliers to adhere to our Sustainable Procurement policy.

Ecovadis supplier sustainability ratings

Azelis has a silver status on the Ecovadis rating, with a score of 60. Click here to view our certificate.

This achievement puts us in the top 7% of suppliers evaluated by EcoVadis.