Azelis acquired Ametech in August 2016

Azelis acquired Ametech in August 2016

Please note that this webpage will be removed as of September 2020. visitors will be redirected to the Azelis homepage.

Azelis has acquired Ametech in 2016 and has ever since offered the same Ametech products to our partners. Since the Ametech website is now offline and Ametech is fully integrated in the Azelis family, visitors will find all information about our market segments, technical assistance and local contacts on the Azelis corporate website.

Azelis Agi/horti lab




Ametech Italy srl - Head office

Via Giacomo Matteotti 62/64 CAP 20092
Cinisello Balsamo (Milano) Italy 

Phone: +39 02 4591131 
Fax: +39 02 45911341 


Ametech france SARL

24, Rue de la Mouche
Z.I. de la Mouche 
69540 Irigny

Phone: +33 4 78508858 
Fax: +33 4 72390854 



Ametech was specialised in:

Crop protection

crop protection
Crop protection is the science and practice of managing plant diseases, weeds and other pests that damage agricultural crops and forestry. 

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Seed coating

seed coating
Seed coating is the practice of covering seeds with external materials to improve handling, protection, and, to a lesser extent, germination enhancement and plant establishment.

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Specialty Agri/Horti application lab in Milan, Italy

At Azelis, we strive to be by our customers' side wherever they are and anticipate the answers to their markets' trends. For this, we have more than 60 application laboratories across the globe that are each dedicated to a single market segment.

We offer first-class facilities with market-focused expertise. Our technical services teams can help you with innovative formulations, ingredient combinations and chemical blends, bringing all of their experience to help you create the properties and characteristics you are aiming for.

Watch the video to discover the capabilities of the Azelis Agri/horti lab in Milan, Italy.