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EcoVAE* Emulsions

Breathe Easy! EcoVAE* Emulsions have proven durability at low to zero VOC!

Regulatory requirements and consumer demand is driving the coatings industry towards zero-VOC and low-odor paints. Celanese has created the EcoVAE* Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Copolymers to meet this demand without sacrificing cost and performance!

Key Features

  • Low to Zero-VOC-capable
  • Excellent scrub and stain resistance
  • APE-free
  • Low to No-Odor
  • Enhanced touch-up and wet-edge
  • Achieves a range of sheens from flat to semi-gloss
  • Can meet green certifications and labeling guidelines

Scrub Resistance

Scrub test of EcoVAE versus competitor product
ASTM D-2486, Scrub Resistance
Scrub Cycles

Stain Resistance

EcoVAE Stain Resistance

Product Line

 Solids content (%)MFFT (°C)Tg (°C, MID point)pHViscosity (mPas)Features
EcoVAE* 401550135100-650Achieves VOC levels of < 10 g/l in paint formulations
EcoVAE* 405550134.5125-650Excellent wet-scrub resistance in high-PVC formulations

(Typical values, not intended to be specification)


*EcoVAE is a registered trademark of Celanese Corp.


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