Our commitment to fair business practices

At Azelis we operate a robust global corporate compliance program, which includes the Code of Conduct as a base policy dealing with ethical business behavior. Our Code of Conduct is supplemented with ancillary compliance policies, which allow for a more profound approach to critical areas of compliance, such as the Anti-Bribery & Fraud Prevention Policy, the Competition and Antitrust Policies, and the Export Control Policy. All compliance policies are complemented by extensive training programs. Any alleged violations of policies and procedures in relation to ethical business behavior are dealt with by the HR and Compliance department, depending on the nature of the case, both on a regional and a group level. Azelis has a dedicated SpeakUp Policy which sets out the reporting mechanism as well as a description of the process for investigating any alleged misconduct.

Reporting a misconduct or concern for external parties

You can address your concern to your normal contact within Azelis or alternatively to the Azelis’ Integrity Officers below:

In addition - and as a last resort – we have established the Azelis SpeakUp! Line: it is operated by a third-party and allows you to anonymously report a misconduct, although we prefer that you provide full contact details to accommodate a possible investigation and increase the efficiency in communication. You can use the SpeakUp! Line if you feel that all other channels are not suited or appropriate. Your report will be treated confidentially and information will only be shared on a strict need-to-know basis.

Please click here to access the Azelis SpeakUp! Line.

In terms of monitoring and audit, Azelis has introduced an In Control & Compliance Self-Assessment software tool, which facilitates an annual self-assessment by the management of the effectiveness of a pre-defined set of internal controls, including compliance. These self-assessments occur at entity, regional (Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific) and corporate level. From November 2019 on, Azelis has also established a dedicated internal audit function that focuses on auditing compliance with Azelis’ compliance program.

Gerrit De Vos
Chief Compliance Officer

"We conduct our business in a responsible way, standing by high ethical standards across all areas of our diverse business. Our ingrained Code of Conduct gives confidence to our employees, customers, principals, shareholders, and all other stakeholders, and establishes a benchmark in our industry."

SDGs we contribute to

Azelis in Action

Partnering with allnex in providing hand sanitizers to support the fight against Covid-19

Azelis and allnex, a global leader in industrial coating resins and one of Azelis’ principals for its CASE market segment, have set up a collaboration for the development, repacking and distribution of hand sanitizers to nursing homes and hospitals. Being a critical hygiene product to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus, allnex produced almost 5,000 liters of hand sanitizers for donation. Azelis on its turn facilitated the refilling of the solution into one liter and five-liter bottles (with Azelis/allnex branded labels) which were then donated to several health institutes in Europe. This charitable action was fueled by the outstanding partnership between allnex and Azelis and stimulated by the dedication to ethical commitments the two companies share.

Preparing a thousand meals for homeless people in Australia

In September 2019, Azelis Australia’s team activity involved the preparation of more than a thousand meals for homeless people, facilitated by Our Big Kitchen, a community kitchen with a mission to inspire individuals to come together to help people in need.

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