Ambrogio Erba

Market Segment Director Speciality Agri/Horti

Ambrogio Erba holds an industrial chemical diploma, from Milan. He began his career as R&D Manager at a private surfactant company in the agro segment. Following this, he worked as Key Account Manager for Bayer, BASF and DOW at a renowned chemical producer for the agrochemical market. Within this company, Erba was appointed South America Export Director Agro and subsequently, EMEA Business Director in charge of surfactants for emulsion polymers,

Erba founded Ametech where he was co-owner, leading all agro business within the company. Following the acquisition of Ametech by Azelis, he took the position of Market Segment Director EMEA for Specialty Agri/Horti in August 2016.

Erba is married and lives in the countryside. In his spare time he likes to fish and grow his own vegetable garden.