Application Laboratories

for all your personal care, homecare, fragrance, CASE and pharma developments

Azelis Application Laboratories offer first-class facilities with market-focused expertise. Our technical services teams can help you with innovative formulations, ingredient combinations and chemical blends, bringing all of their experience to help you create the properties and characteristics you are aiming for.

We have a number of application labs for Personal Care, including our UK centre of excellence for colour cosmetics and fragrance. Our lab in Germany is a centre of excellence for emulsion systems and we also have labs in Poland, France, Italy and China.

Our two Pharma labs are in the UK and Germany, while we have specialist labs for CASE in Germany, Vietnam, Thailand and the US, as well as Homecare labs in UK, Germany, Poland and China.

Our Application Laboratories can help with:

  • Innovative product formulations for personal care, homecare, CASE, fragrance and pharma applications
    • Acknowledged industry experts
    • New application ideas
    • Product enhancements to meet specific objectives
    • Confidential supplier and customer specific projects
    • Stability testing
    • Analysis
    • Customer lab visits, product training days
    • Product approvals
    • Fully equipped laboratories
    • Quality test methods
UK Personal Care laboratory
German CASE laboratory