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Who we are

About Azelis

Azelis is a leading global speciality chemicals distributor. We provide a diverse range of products and innovative services to more than 40,000 customers. Our in-depth local knowledge is supported by an international structure and value-added services including high levels of technical support and tailored solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

How we maintain the highest ethical values for  our customers and principals, our staff and the environment.

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A brief history of Azelis and the many well-known companies that are part of this dynamic company.

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The people who run our business, including the Executive Board, Business and Regional Directors.

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The many exciting opportunities across Azelis and what we look for in potential employees.

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Our brands

Our brands offer the highest quality products and technologies supported with application labs and technical service.

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Our values

Knowledgeable, focussed and entrepreneurial – values that make a difference to our customers.

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We deliver best-in-class service in the distribution of speciality chemicals and food ingredients to our customers, principals, investors or any other stakeholder. 

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Our vision

Our vision of how to support our customers and principals drives a dynamic, innovative and creative business.

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