Personal Care

Personal care is an industry like no other, influencing everything from our individual
confidence and self-esteem through to our hygiene, health and wellbeing. And in
a sector so deeply connected to the emotions and rituals of customers around the
world, there’s a constant pace of change and endless opportunity for innovation.
We understand this is a diverse and dynamic industry. In fact we thrive on it. And our
customers trust Azelis to do more than respond to new market trends - or to anticipate
emerging ones. Instead, we strive to influence and inspire customer demand through
a passion for innovation and a natural desire to think differently.

As a leading innovative service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, we draw from one of the broadest portfolios in the industry. This extensive portfolio in combination with our deep industry expertise and dedicated Personal Care application laboratories allows us to create and enhance market-leading formulations across the segments of skincare, haircare, oral care as well as toiletries, fragrances and color cosmetics. Our innovative solutions make us stand out for our customers and some of the industry’s most ambitious brands, enabling them to make the difference in this competitive market.

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