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Supporting your innovation, development and manufacturing

We are a partner of choice to many leading cosmetic, fragrance and household brands and have been instrumental in helping numerous start-ups to refine their products and service offering.

Applications laboratories

We have focussed application laboratories around the world, providing first-class application expertise to all of our offices and partners. Our industry renowned technical services team is available to assist with formulation development, problem solving and knowledge-based advice.

  • Custom formulation development (internal/externally driven) with over 3,000 in-house formulations developed and proven to date.
  • Key applications including colour cosmetics, creams, lotions and gels
  • Innovative textures and applications
  • Formulation testing, including microbiology, emulsion analysis and stability trials
  • Pilot project production runs for proposed new formulations
  • Packaging of finished formulation for marketing purposes
  • Strategic partner alignment and joint technical formulation development

Sampling service centres

Offering a sampling service to our key supply partners ensures rapid sample submission and tracking through to commercial development, supporting our customers research and product development projects.

  • Tailored handling and shipment of all your personal care and fragrance ingredient requirements
  • Comprehensive support documentation including safety data sheets and certificates of analysis
  • Full regulatory and safety compliance
  • Global sampling service where required
  • 48 hour turnaround time

Quality systems

Our regularly audited facilities are compliant to the highest local quality systems in each country we operate in. We work to continually improve our operational standards with respect to health, safety and the environment and participate in local associations that advance the Responsible Care or Responsible Distribution principles.

All products are supported by valid efficacy data and original documentation, including certificates of analysis, regulatory and safety compliance, total lot traceability and technical specifications. Furthermore, we are very active with REACH compliance.

Expert advice

Our experienced team understands every aspect of personal care and ingredients, from the quality of ingredients, active properties and formulation strategies, to trends and market analysis, business case and logistics.

Supply chain

Using a combination of state of the art warehousing, strategically located in each and every country we service, along with “Hub and Spoke” warehousing in the UK, Germany and Poland, we are able to provide our customers, both large and small, with fast professional handling and delivery of ingredients as they need it and when they need it.

  • Custom palletisation
  • Repacking (Pharmaceutical Grade White Room)
  • Handling of all packaging types including bags, pallets, pails, cartons and IBCs
  • Segregated storage by business segment and hazard classification
  • Quick response to urgent demands

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