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Animal Nutrition

Our history started in the UK as ICI Nutrition, then as Chance & Hunt Nutrition following divestment from ICI. We have been supplying the UK & Irish feed industry for over 25 years.

Chance & Hunt Ltd and Brown & Gilmer in Ireland were acquired by the Azelis Group in 2002 and 2005 respectively.

Now known as Azelis Animal Nutrition with strong roots in UK & Ireland and a developing global presence, we are a trusted feed ingredients supplier servicing the animal feed and related industries with a wide range of feed ingredients that support the health, potential and lifetime performance of all livestock species.

Our vision is to be the distributor of choice into the animal feed industry by providing a source of a wide range of quality ingredients that meet our customer’s needs, cost effectively and reliably.

This will be underpinned by our market-focussed, responsive and technically knowledgeable team of people.

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