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Enhancing the health and performance of your animals

Azelis Animal Nutrition brings a unique blend of products, focused expertise, experience and market knowledge to help you to create safe feed and encourage environments that improve the health of animals, enhance performance and increase yields.

Our renowned support services include:

Quality systems

Our regularly audited facilities are compliant to the highest local quality systems in each country we operate in. We work to continually improve our operational standards with respect to health, safety and the environment and participate in local associations that advance the Responsible Care or Responsible Distribution principles.

Our UK operations have achieved GMP and FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme) accreditation respectively for the sourcing, storage and distribution of our range of animal feed ingredient sources.

All products are supported by valid efficacy data and original documentation, including certificates of analysis, regulatory and safety compliance, total lot traceability and technical specifications.

Market-focused advice

Technical sales managers, experienced in the animal nutrition industry will work with you to develop and deliver sound commercial solutions. Experienced customer service advisors provide regulatory assistance and advice and will coordinate all of your development and delivery needs.

Our customers are manufacturers of feed products for both farm and companion animals - primarily producers of feed additive premixtures and feed compounders. Our experts specialize in market sectors, including:

  • Premix industry
  • Feed compounding
  • Pet food industry
  • Acid formulators
  • Merchants
  • End users (Farmers)

Trial results and usage guides

Many of our feed products have trial results, which we can provide on request. We also have cost-benefit indicators for some ingredients. Most of our products come with usage guidelines and our expert team is always happy to discuss specific applications to help you to improve nutrition or health outcomes in particular circumstances.

In Morocco and Egypt, Azelis (previously Orkila) uses a NIR machine. We are testing samples of raw materials and finished feed for our customers to help them ensure proper dosage and consistency in their production. We also have a Mechanical Engineer based in Egypt, supporting the customers in their new installations, assessment of existing facilities and emergency support in case of technical issues on the production line.

Storage and supply

We are able to manage feed storage to accredited standards, enabling us to provide fast professional handling and delivery of ingredients, in bulk shipments or packed deliveries, liquid, or solid, as and when you need it.

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