Intelligent logistic solutions

At Azelis, we deliver intelligent logistic solutions specifically tailored to meet your needs, from just-in-time international deliveries, to bespoke solutions.

Smart logistics

Azelis has an extensive supply chain network, which gives us the flexibility to support changing local demand around the world and to provide the highest service levels. Azelis has a long-standing business relationship with experienced, certified (ISO, HACCP, GMP, REACH) third party logistics services providers.

We operate a 'hub and spoke' distribution process. This means that our principals can deliver to a central point  - the hub - and we manage the onward distribution to our local centres - spokes - or to our customers directly.

Warehousing and centres of excellence

We are fully compliant with and have expert knowledge on control regulations and business standards for the storage, handling, transport and trading of chemicals. Azelis always follows the most stringent guidelines and guarantees this unified approach throughout the whole distribution cycle.

In Germany we count on a logistical centre of excellence that serves as an extension to our partners' supply chain services and intermediate between overseas and EMEA customers. Here we re-package to size, offer re-labelling and sampling services, while ordering quantities to match all customers' production processes.

Fully integrated management systems

We can provide fast, professional handling and delivery when and where you need it. Segregated storage areas are used for products requiring special climatic or safety conditions. Orders can be received by direct link into a supplier’s SAP or similar system, via an internet platform or any other means.

For principals, Azelis simplifies distribution management providing one point of contact. For customers, we offer efficient supply chain systems, the potential to consolidate purchasing with a single distributor across the globe and the opportunity to improve value with a one-stop-shop approach.