Azelis Digital

Azelis Digital

Since its creation in 2001, Azelis has evolved from a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients into an innovative service provider. This increased focus on innovation and our intensified efforts for formulation and application support to our partners has been crystalized in our new tagline ‘Innovation through formulation’.

This continuous strive for innovation goes beyond the formulation work in our labs. It also covers the investment in digital tools and technologies that allows our customers the flexibility to find whatever they are searching for, at any time.

A word from our CEO

"Azelis' goal is to help our customers shorten their path to market and expand on their ideas. Nothing can replace personal relationships, but taking this innovation capability into digital space is complementary to that personal contact and makes that customer journey a more efficient one for both us and our customers."

Azelis digital eco-system

Azelis has been investing in digitalization efforts in different regions as part of its strategic direction. We had several drivers to start this global journey. The most important one is that we see that B2B buyers with an increasing number of millennials in the workforce are using online portals to find information on sellers, products, and services. With these new digital offerings, we want to bring the Azelis’ customer experience to the digital era. 

Azelis principals, customers and other partners will benefit from a range of tools that will be rolled out in all Azelis markets and regions, all accessible through the new digital experience platform.  


Digitalization at Azelis

We are constantly expanding our offering of digital products. New ones will be added, and existing ones will be under continuous development to further improve the customer service that we are known for.

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Customer experience portal

Find products relevant for your market and region, discover innovative formulations and place product and sample orders.

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The new e-Lab by Azelis is the smartest way to create new formulations or to enhance existing ones.

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API and 3PL-integration

Built for reusability, faster implementation time, built-in security mechanisms.


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