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Azelis Australia is active in nine markets (Personal Care, Homecare and Industrial Cleaning, Agri & Horti, Pharma, Animal Health, Food, Rubber and Plastic Additives, CASE and other chemicals) with offices in in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Additionally, Azelis has multiple blending facilities, warehouses and laboratories throughout the country. Additionally, Azelis Australia is a signatory of the Chemistry Responsible Program and a CSR program is in place. For the Pharma business, Azelis Australia is TGA approved and holds a NSW Health Licence.

With their local and entrepreneurial team mastering over 10 languages, Azelis Australia accomplished strong growth over the past four years. Focusing on medium and smaller customers who demand comprehensive technical assistance, Azelis has built enduring partnerships with strategic Australian suppliers. The team succeeds in simplifying its partners business operations while providing valuable market intelligence and technical expertise in full transparency.

The acquisition of Chemcolour in 2017 has given Azelis Australia an immense boost in both Australia and New Zealand. More information about Chemcolour can be found on the Chemcolour website. We contract manufacture for a number of industries; i.e. construction, leather, building products and homecare.



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