In 2018, Azelis acquired SammiChem, a leading provider of innovative ideas and customer-oriented beauty formulations for the Personal Care industry, thereby establishing a presence in Korea, along with a state-of-the-art application laboratory.

Further strengthening its presence in Korea, Azelis acquired MH and Coseal in 2021, expanding into the Food & Nutrition and Agricultural & Environmental Solutions market segments, and adding additional laboratories.

The acquisition of MH, a reputable local distributor in the food ingredients market, allows Azelis to broaden its offering in the highly attractive and expanding innovative food market of Korea.

Coseal is renowned for its specialist distribution, repackaging and blending of agricultural/horticultural surfactants. The acquisition of Coseal will further drive Azelis’ growth in those market segments across Asia Pacific.

Azelis is now building a solid and diverse platform for Korea, enabling the company to further grow with its global principals

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