Sustainability overview

Sustainability overview

Sustainable behaviors and solutions are vital. For the health of our planet and society, and for the prosperity of Azelis. 

Together we will continue to build a resilient, thriving and responsible business. We will meet the needs of our stakeholders, whilst also creating a positive and widespread impact on the environment and communities around the world. Future generations need sustainable action now.  

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Action 2025 - Our sustainability strategy 

Through Action 2025, our sustainability strategy, we want to become the world-leading distributor of sustainable solutions and services in the specialty chemicals distribution industry. Action 2025 commits us to achieve a series of ambitious targets by 2025.



Azelis employs around 3,000 people across the world in 57 countries. We value highly competent, forward-looking talents with a passion for entrepreneurship. As an integrated international group, we provide an opportunity for professional growth and progress as Azelis continues to grow and develop. 


We will be recognized as a global employer of choice for our industry.

Good health and well-beingQuality educationGender equalityDecent work and economic growth

Employee attraction, development and retention

  • 75 points score for ‘engagement’ and  ‘loyalty’ in ESS
  • 10% of employees in the company ‘Talent Pools’

Diversity and inclusion

  • 100% of line managers will be trained in  diversity and inclusive leadership
  • 30% of senior management positions will  be held by women

Working conditions

  • 72 points score for ‘working conditions’  in ESS
  • 0 workplace accidents 


Products and innovation

Products and Innovation

We have committed to the principles of sustainable procurement through a global charter for the evaluation of our supply chain. Working together with our customers for a more sustainable future, we offer the right ingredients and demonstrate innovative formulations created and evaluated in our labs.

Products and Innovation

We will be the leader in distribution of sustainable, innovative and safe chemicals.

Good health and well-beingIndustry, innovation and infrastructureResponsible consumption and productionClimate actionPartnerships for the goals

Sustainable products

  • In 2021, we will continue to accelerate the development of sustainable solutions and create a baseline for the future targets.

Sustainable sourcing

  • By 2025, 80%  of our revenue will be covered with ESG assessed suppliers through our “Together for Sustainability” membership, compared to 52% in 2020.


We operate a robust global corporate compliance program, which includes the Code of Conduct as a base policy dealing with ethical business behavior. Any alleged violations of policies and procedures in relation to ethical business behavior are dealt with by the HR and Compliance department, depending on the nature of the case, both on a regional and a group level.


We will be fair in business  practices and compliant with all laws and regulations,  embedding trust and ethics in the foundation of our operations.

Sustainable cities and communitiesPeace, justice and strong institutions


  • 0  material breaches of laws and regulations across any country in which we operate.

Ethics and fair businesspractices

  • 100%  of employees trained in policies and procedures relating to ethics.
  • 0  material breaches of these policies and procedures.

Crisis management

  • 100%  of Azelis sites have effective crisis management and business continuity plans in place.


At Azelis, product stewardship is key: we ensure that all our products are used, packaged, labeled, dispatched, and disposed of in accordance with the local and governmental legislation. We proactively provide the necessary advice and information to all partners along our supply chain to help them ensure their safety and health, as well as the protection of the environment. 


We will continually reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Affordable and clean energyClimate actionLife below waterPartnerships for the goals

Energy management and climate change

  • Audit our GHG emissions and identify carbon reduction priorities
  • Establish a roadmap for sourcing renewable electricity
  • Agree reporting baselines and emission reduction targets for 2022 onwards

Waste management

  • Implementation of a solid waste management strategy
  • Establish the reporting baseline and set the targets for 2022 onwards, to further reduce non-recoverable waste.

Environmental accidents

  • environmental accidents


Azelis sustainability highlights
Our progress in 2021

Have a look at our 2021 progress towards our Action 2025 goals.


EcoVadis Platinum rating

After being accoladed with two consecutive Golds from sustainability ratings agency EcoVadis, Azelis was awarded with a Platinum rating in July 2021. This is the highest distinction in the EcoVadis supplier sustainability rating scheme. With the EcoVadis Platinum grading, Azelis is in the top 1% of all companies assessed by EcoVadis.

EcoVadis platinum

#1 ESG industry ranking from Sustainalytics in 2022

In August 2022, Azelis received the highest ESG ranking (lowest risk) among a peer list of 178 international traders and distributors from Sustainalytics, with a score of 12.4. This places Azelis in the top 5th percentile of more than 14,500 companies rated by the firm worldwide




Azelis Sustainability Report 2021