in-cosmetics Asia

07 - 09 November 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

Join Azelis Personal Care at in-cosmetics Asia, a leading international trade fair for raw materials, ingredients, and technologies in the cosmetics and personal care industry! Drawing industry professionals from Asia and around the world, the annual event will take place from 7-9 November 2023 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC).

In our current time, it seems as though anything is possible and everything is accessible. However, many people have come to value authenticity above all else. Are you someone who shares this sentiment? We have moved away from the desire for perfection and are now looking for solutions that empower us and make us feel comfortable with the choices we make. This is also true for the personal care industry. Beauty and personal care products are no longer simply tools to hide flaws. Rather, they have become vehicles for exploration, helping individuals discover what works for them and enhancing their unique identity.

The Zestful Beauty campaign embodies this idea. Each concept has been carefully crafted to provide effective personal care solutions that are supported by scientific research, yet also offer a unique and indulgent sensory experience. The products are formulated with gentle and responsible ingredients. The campaign is designed to be inclusive while still celebrating each individual's uniqueness. Each formulation offers an experience that stimulates the senses, the mind, and the reason, making it both fun and invigorating.

We hope that our products will make you smile and even say "WOW!".

31 unique and innovative concepts await for your booth J10. Join us or contact us at to get a personalized introduction to our formulation range by Azelis’ technical teams.