ChemWeek Q&A with Azelis Asia Pacific CEO focused on the growth in the region

The opening of the regional headquarters in Singapore in 2016 set a milestone for Azelis: the beginning of exponential growth within Asia Pacific. This rapid expansion is driven by organic growth, focusing on innovation and new mandates with our strategic principals, and inorganic growth, continuing to look for new acquisitions.

In an interview with ChemWeek for the February edition, Laurent Nataf, Azelis Asia Pacific CEO & President, discusses how Azelis is growing its leading position as a specialty chemicals and food ingredients distributor in the region. He explains Azelis's growth drivers, focusing on India and China, and addresses sustainability and our role in the industry.

Laurent Nataf, Azelis Asia Pacific CEO & President:

"Our ambition is to become the world-leading provider of sustainable products and services in specialty chemicals and food ingredients distribution. Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our corporate strategy and we want to connect and empower both customers and principals to innovate in developing sustainable chemical solutions. "

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