How to Successfully Evaluate an Alternative Tablet Film Coating Product?

Azelis’ Technical Product Manager in the UK, Enosh Mwesigwa has written an article that got published in Chemical Weekly.

In “How to successfully evaluate an alternative tablet film coating product”, Enosh states that the increase in alternative suppliers of film coatings across the world has not only brought with it choice and flexibility for customers, but also increased risk. He reviews criteria by which customers should follow when evaluating an alternative film coating product, namely:

1. Supplier capabilities – in terms ability to meet volume, pricing and technical support requirements

2. Quality & regulatory compliance track record

3.Product technical performance – specific tests that should be undertaken on the film coating product

“When applied correctly, customers will be able to make the most of the benefits that a diverse supplier base brings, including more competitive pricing and innovation’’

To read the full article, click here: How to successfully evaluate an alternative tablet film coating product.