In a year marked by crisis, division, and unrest, chemical companies are doubling down on their efforts to create more inclusive and diverse workplaces. Commitments go beyond optics and pledge meaningful organizational and cultural changes that will create more innovative, higher-performing companies.

In the cover story of its December edition, ChemWeek addresses the topic of inclusion and diversity as a business imperative for chemical companies and interviews Emanuele Ferrero, Azelis group HR Director on how we drive I&D within our organization.

Emanuele Ferrero, Azelis group HR Director:

"Companies that are more diverse win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction and decision-making, and ultimately perform better financially. This is not true only for gender diversity but for any form of diversity—culture, age, sexual orientation, physical impairments, work experience, and so on; having a truly diverse workforce is likely to bring additional competitive advantage.”

Read the full ChemWeek coverstory here.

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