Singapore Chemicals Q&A with Azelis CEO & President Asia Pacific, Laurent Nataf, on Azelis’ growth in the region and strategic drivers

Azelis Asia Pacific has experienced incredible growth over the last few years. We are now present in 12 countries with over 20 dedicated application laboratories across the region. Our growth drivers of innovation, digitalization and sustainability, combined with our key mandate wins and strategic acquisitions, have all contributed to our exceptional development in Asia Pacific.

In an interview with Singapore Chemicals 2021, Laurent Nataf, Azelis CEO & President Asia Pacific, shares his thoughts on the success factors that led to Azelis’ expansion in Asia Pacific, and his vision for the region with a focus on future plans for our Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore.


Laurent Nataf:

“The services required of distributors have become increasingly more elaborate, evolving from simple distribution to providing a suite of innovative solutions, including technical, regulatory and logistical services, as well as formulation development. We at Azelis have differentiated ourselves through three main pillars: innovation, sustainability and digitalization, as part of our goal to provide innovative services to our partners.”

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