By Dr. Peter Henriksen, International Business Manager, Azelis

With the demand for smoked foods on the rise, leading speciality chemicals distributor and supplier, Azelis sheds light on smoke flavourings as reliable solutions for food processors and the advantages of using them over the traditional method of smoking.

Grilling and BBQ are extremely popular trends around the world. Television cooking shows and food magazines are describing in detail the art of smoking various foods – from traditional meat dishes like beef and lamb over potatoes and onions – to fruit desserts. In Europe, about 30% of all ‘smoked’ foods are the result of added flavourings rather than traditional methods, and this is set to grow to 70% in the next five years.

Azelis has been developing and distributing smoke flavourings since 1968 and is one of the pioneers in the European market for these flavours. To keep up with competition, Azelis innovates and invests heavily in R&D with the support of its food laboratories worldwide that are equipped with highly skilled technologists. In Asia Pacific, Azelis is not only investing but also seeing significant growth in business. One of the products in focus is our smoke flavouring under the brand name Scansmoke.

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Article published in the February/March issue of Food & Beverage Asia.