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Technical and market support across products, processes and applications

Market-focussed advice

Our specialist team has deep knowledge of specific markets based on years of hands-on experience. We can help your product teams to look at innovative ways of creating new products, improving processes or to helping to drive down costs.

Working from local offices in your languages, we can provide market intelligence, trends and advice for specific end-user markets globally.

Supply chain

We have hub warehousing, supported by fully integrated business management systems, enabling us to provide fast professional handling and delivery of materials to your facilities, as and when you need it.

Our distribution capabilities include:

  • Flexible deliveries, intelligent solutions
  • Anything from bulk shipments down to the smallest shipment of packed goods and samples
  • Segregated materials by business unit and hazard classification
  • Effective cost control
  • Customer delivery KPIs on delivery fulfillment performance

Sampling service

We welcome a collaborative approach to business and confidential projects sometimes require samples for trial batches and trial production runs. These can be provided upon request to our expert sales teams.

Quality systems

Our regularly audited facilities are compliant to the highest local quality systems in each country we operate in. We are very active with REACH compliance, working in all of the countries we operate in to exceed the standards being developed. We work to continually improve our operational standards with respect to health, safety and the environment.

All products are supported by valid efficacy data and original documentation, including certificates of analysis, regulatory and safety compliance, total lot traceability and technical specifications.

Technical expertise

We have experienced experts who can help you to explore new applications, to understand the significance of new products and technologies and help you to find the right products and materials for your processes and applications.

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