Active and Ready for REACH

29 September 2006

One of the strongest regulatory changes ever to hit the chemical industry is almost upon us – with Azelis members in the vanguard of companies preparing for it.

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals), which will revolutionise the way in which chemicals are regulated, is expected to be adopted by the EU Parliament and Commission during the first half of 2007.

This will mean that partners within Azelis who deal with certain substances will have to ensure that the chemicals they supply are fully registered.

Registration involves an in-depth health and environmental review of each product and, in exceptional cases, can be so expensive that some suppliers might decide to cease production or sales into the EC.

The potential impact on several Azelis members is such that we have prepared corporate brochure setting out all aspects implications of REACH and how companies comply with these new regulations.

It was produced by Azelis' Head of Safety, Health and Environment, Stefano Colicchia, with active contributions from Birthe Oldenborg from Brøste and support from Azelis Italia's Laura Bielli, Louise Danielsen from Brøste and Annette O'Connor, formerly of Chance & Hunt.

Furthermore, a seven-strong REACH Core Team has been set up, headed by Stefano and including Birthe, Teresa Garcia and Teresa Aguilera from Impex Spain, Ilse Van Der Brandt from Azelis Benelux, Pierre Villette from Arnaud France, and David Bruce from Chance & Hunt UK.

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