Azelis Americas opens three new application laboratories in New Jersey

15 May 2023

Azelis Americas announces it is opening three new industry-leading application laboratories in Princeton, New Jersey. The new labs will service the Personal Care (PC), Home Care & Industrial Cleaning (H&IC), and Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids (L&MWF) markets. In addition to the application labs, the facility is home to a technical training center.


Each application laboratory is customized and fully equipped for developing formulations, solving customer technical problems, and providing technical assistance for customers in their specific market. The laboratory technical teams leverage their knowledge and expertise to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for the industry challenges that our customers seek to address.


Frank Bergonzi, Azelis Americas Chief Executive Officer, comments:

“These state-of-the-art labs in New Jersey are part of our continued commitment to being the leading innovation and solution provider to our customers and principals. Our global network of application labs operate across our entire lateral value chain with expert chemists, engineers, and technicians working to deliver on our mission of ‘Innovation through formulation.”


The labs are focused on meeting customers’ needs by creating new formulations, optimizing existing ones, reducing costs while maintaining existing performance characteristics, as well as benchmarking that performance. They will support all stages of the development process for Azelis’ clients, from concept to ingredient review to final formulation. The new site also includes meeting space for customer seminars, formulation workshops, customer technical training, and internal training for sales and support team members.


Vuk Milojkovic, Managing Director U.S., Azelis Americas, states:

“These application labs are focused on delivering commercial and technical innovation for our customers and principals in the Personal Care, Household and Industrial Care, and L&MWF segments. Our labs are purpose-built to facilitate strong relationships with our suppliers and produce customer collaborations that result in better formulations that are designed to meet the specific needs the market wants, from all-natural and more sustainable to longer-lasting and less-expensive.”


Jessica Silva, Director of Innovation, Americas, adds:

“For the chemists who work tirelessly to develop industry-leading formulations, these new labs will be centers for experimentation and exploration. Providing the best equipment and dedicated laboratory space allows each industry segment to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and serves as a platform to recruit and retain the brightest technical talent in the chemical industry.”


With 65+ application labs worldwide, Azelis is constantly working on innovative projects with customers and suppliers. These laboratories are a great addition to Azelis’ already strong product development capabilities, supporting the constant drive for discovery and sustainability, and will service the region with new value-adding formulations.