Azelis announces mandate extension with Solvay for European pharma markets

22 September 2020

Azelis, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients, is pleased to announce an extension of its long-standing partnership with Solvay, a global leader in advanced materials and specialty chemicals. This latest win is for Solvay’s range of sodium docusate and poloxamer excipients, covering the countries in the EU and it is effective immediately.

Highlights & rationale

  • The mandate extension covers the entire EU, enabling Azelis to bring additional product solutions to new and existing pharma customers in EMEA.
  • Docusate sodium is a powerful solubilizing agent, helping the formulation of poorly soluble active ingredients (APIs), as well as a dispersing and emulsifying agent.
  • The partnership expansion fits perfectly with Azelis’ strategy to grow organically with its partners.

Products covered by this agreement are produced by Solvay’s Novecare business unit, which manufactures specialty surfactants and formulations that serve customers in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, coatings, home and personal care, and oil and gas markets. Sodium docusate excipients are efficient emulsifiers, wetting, dispersing and solubilizing agents. They have proven effective in various formulations, such as a dispersing agent for tablet manufacturing, liquid or gel suspensions, effervescing tablets and as an emulsifier for creams and gels. Docusate sodium gives a low order of toxicity and is stable and compatible with a wide range of pharmacologically active drugs. Poloxamer 407, sold under the brand name of Antarox® F 127, can be used as a thickening agent and gel-former in topical formulations, as well as a solubilizer in solid dosage forms or as a mouthwash emulsifier.

Matthew Dickman, Market Segment Director for Pharma EMEA at Azelis, states:
“This latest addition of Solvay’s products perfectly complements our current pharma product range in EMEA, allowing us to offer our customers a broader portfolio, including some of the niche applications. Not only will this additional range complete our sales offering, but it will also enhance the breadth and depth of product and formulation solutions that our pharma lab will be able to provide to the customers.”

Matthias Förster, EMEA Business Director for Pharma at Solvay, adds:
“We have partnered with Azelis for many years in a number of industries, spanning multiple applications from life sciences to industrial process solutions. Their customer connectivity, complementary product range and technical capabilities have always impressed us, giving us the confidence that they can also successfully grow our pharmaceutical business. Their strong formulation capabilities have proven particularly vital in bringing our ingredients into the new end formulations.”

With more than 60 application labs across the world, each dedicated to a market segment, Azelis provides technical support to customers and suppliers. Azelis has three pharma labs located in the UK, Germany and in Canada, which are staffed by skilled industry chemists and formulators. Each lab provides elaborate and professional formulation solutions and technical support to our customers.