Azelis announces new distribution agreement with Anhui Sunhere Pharmaceutical Excipients Co., Ltd in the DACH region

14 March 2024

Azelis, a leading innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, is pleased to announce its new agreement with Anhui Sunhere Pharmaceutical Excipients Co Ltd (‘Anhui Sunhere’), a leading pharmaceutical excipients manufacturer in China. Effective immediately, Azelis will be the exclusive distributor for HPMC, (L)HPC and CMC-Na, expanding its range of cellulose products for the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets in the DACH region.

Located in Anhui province, Anhui Sunhere is a high-tech company with state-of-the-art R&D facilities for new types of pharmaceutical excipients. They offer a range of cellulose products that meet the intricate demands of pharmaceutical formulations. Cellulose ethers have emerged as indispensable excipients, playing a crucial role in improving the performance and efficacy of various drug formulations. Cellulose ethers are derived from cellulose, a natural polymer found in plant cell walls. They are characterized by their exceptional versatility, making them valuable additives in pharmaceutical formulations.

Anhui Sunhere’s commitment to meeting international quality and safety standards, including existing EXCiPACT, USDMF, CEP, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, positions it as a preferred partner for Azelis. Through this collaboration, Azelis can offer its customers the highest-quality products for their formulations.

Micky Zhang, Business Manager at Anhui Sunhere, comments:
“It is a great opportunity for us to partner with Azelis to distribute our cellulosic products. Azelis' strong market knowledge, extensive market penetration and formulation expertise make them the ideal partner for us. With their support, we are confident that our products will reach a wider audience and make a significant impact in the DACH pharmaceutical and healthcare market.”

Uwe Zakrzewski, Managing Director at Azelis DACH, adds:
“We are delighted to start this collaboration with Anhui Sunhere, which will further enhance our ability to meet the evolving needs of our customers in the DACH region. This partnership enables us to fill a gap in our lateral value chain by introducing a high-performance range of cellulose products, and give our customers access to competitive ingredients without compromising on quality.”