Azelis begins trading in Euronext’s BEL20 Index

24 June 2024

Azelis, a leading innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, is proud to announce that its shares have started trading as a constituent of the Euronext BEL20 index today. Anna Bertona, Azelis Group CEO, rang the bell this morning to mark the occasion.

Anna Bertona, Azelis Group CEO, commented:

“It's an incredible achievement to have been included in the BEL20 only three years after we went public. This has been the result of the hard work and resilience of the Azelis team with a constant focus on delivering value to our principals and our customers, which has led to a great performance.

Azelis is a Belgian company, headquartered in Antwerp, and we are proud to be Belgian. We look forward to the opportunities this milestone may bring, and to the visibility being included in the BEL20 comes with. I wanted to thank our investors, customers and principals for their trust. I also want to thank all the Azelis employees. We couldn’t have done any of this without them.”