Azelis donates €2500 to UNICEF

27 June 2014

Azelis recently launched an employee survey and pledged if there was a completion rate of 85% or above then the company would donate €2500 to UNICEF and we are delighted to say we made it.

UNICEF, who work in more than 190 countries working for children and child rights deliver life-saving help for children within 48 hours. In everything they do, the most vulnerable children have priority.

In a recent thank you letter from UNICEF following the donation, they outlined with this money they can buy 6 water pumps, helping to change lives. The letter explains in Haiti that water is scarce and the threat of cholera is never far off.

Azelis would like to thank all employees who completed the survey and help reach the target which resulted in this donation to a fantastic and very worthy charity.

Please click here to read our letter from UNICEF