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Azelis exhibits “Unique You” range at in-cosmetics Global 2019

28 March 2019

Azelis is excited to exhibit its “Unique You” range at in-cosmetics Global, Paris (France), the leading event for personal care ingredients. The exhibition brings together personal care ingredients suppliers and finished product manufacturers, looking to network, learn about future trends and discover new products. This year’s theme at the Azelis booth (stand L30) is “Unique You”. Six innovative formulations, created by six different Azelis personal care labs, will be on display. Ahead of the exhibition, Azelis will reveal a glimpse of its “Catwalk Cosmetics” collection on its social media channels.

Highlights & rationale

  • Azelis presents the “Unique You” range at in-cosmetics Global, stand L30.
  • Visitors can discover six formulations at the tester bar, all focused on personalised beauty.
  • Next to the “Unique You” range, Azelis will also showcase its “Catwalk Cosmetics” collection.
  • In-cosmetics is an important opportunity for Azelis to demonstrate its lab expertise and innovation through formulation, a strategic direction for the company moving forward.

Individuality can manifest itself in many ways. From the things you don’t necessarily see, such as values or character, to physical expressions like body art or a hair style. Azelis formulates personal care products which allow us to celebrate our differences and break the proverbial mould. Tailored from concept to creation to meet emerging trends and dynamic markets, Azelis’ products encourage individuality and enable consumers to celebrate what makes them truly unique. Six formulations, all from different personal care labs, are on display at the Azelis stand L30. All these formulations are dedicated to creating cosmetics products which are personalised and fit unique needs. Azelis has, for example, created
a body lotion for those who love spending time outdoors, giving you a powerful shield against extreme weather conditions. More of the indoor type? Azelis is also showing a hand cream which protects you from blue light when using today’s technology. Next to these formulations, visitors can also discover Azelis’ “Catwalk Cosmetics” collection at the tester bar. A glimpse of this out-of-the ordinary cosmetics range will be offered before the show on the Azelis social media channels (LinkedIn and Facebook). Azelis’ Personal Care specialists will also be demonstrating at the in-cosmetics Formulation Lab® sessions and present at the Technical Seminar programme. Penreco, Genomatica and Tagra, all three long-time suppliers of Azelis, will be co-exhibiting at the Azelis stand.

Azelis runs 15 personal care application laboratories around the world, spread over its three regions: EMEA, Americas
and Asia Pacific. The company is often awarded industry and partner awards for the innovations that are the results of
the formulation support that takes place in those laboratories. The 2019 Cosmetics Fountain Innovation Award at the
PCHi exhibition (China) for the third consecutive year, four industry innovation awards in 2017 and the 2017 Laura
Marshall Memorial Award (UK) are only some of them.

Make sure to keep an eye on Azelis’ social media channels for a sneak preview and come visit Azelis at in-cosmetics Global on stand L30 on 2-4 April 2019.

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