Azelis opens new Food & Nutrition application laboratories in Morocco and South Africa

13 September 2022

Azelis, an innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, is proud to announce the opening of two new Food & Nutrition (F&N) application laboratories in Casablanca (Morocco) and Johannesburg (South Africa). Together with the recently inaugurated food application laboratory in Cairo (Egypt), these new labs further reinforce Azelis’ Food & Nutrition presence in Africa, and enable the team to provide even more innovative and technical support to customers throughout the entire MEA region.

While fully equipped to service various food segments, these application laboratories will primarily focus on dairy, fruit preparations, baking, and beverages, complementing the many other Azelis F&N laboratories across EMEA and worldwide. These new labs and their seasoned technical teams will also host various customer seminars and trainings, underscoring Azelis’ strategy to be an innovation service provider by bringing knowledge and formulations closer to its customers.

Chris Sacy, Managing Director Azelis MEA, comments:

“The opening of two new Food & Nutrition application laboratories is a significant move in the market, supporting our drive for innovation, and further improving the technical service we provide to customers. These labs perfectly complement one another, each focusing on different applications. With our growing lab network, a recipe developed in one country can be seamlessly shared with our other labs – providing a synergistic opportunity for innovation and knowledge sharing across the region. We’re proud to play an integral role as an innovation service provider in the Food & Nutrition segment in the Middle East and Africa.”

Patrick Finan, Azelis Food & Nutrition Market Segment Director, MEA, adds:

“The food market in MEA is rapidly changing to keep up with the trends happening around the world. Demand is growing for more enriched foods – high in fiber and protein, and low in fat – along with an increasing focus on plant-based dishes. Our new labs and knowledgeable technical team, along with our extensive lateral value chain will help our customers reformulate their recipes to meet demand and create more innovative, sustainable formulations, keeping them up-to-speed on all market developments. These new application labs together with the entire lab network will work to serve the F&N market more efficiently.”

With over 60 application labs around the world, each dedicated to a single market segment, Azelis is constantly working on innovative projects with customers and suppliers. These laboratories are a great addition to Azelis’ innovation capabilities, supporting the constant drive for discovery and sustainability, and will service the region with new value-adding formulations.