Azelis Pharma adds new pharmaceutical excipients to their product range

28 July 2010

Azelis/S. Black is pleased to announce the addition of SYRAL’s range of starch-derived excipients to the UK.

The range includes liquid and powder (Directly Compressible) forms of Sorbitol, Maltitol in liquid and powder forms (non DC), Maize Starch, Dextrose Monohydrate (DC), Maltodextrins (DC), Dextrose Anhydrous and Glucose Syrup. It also includes Meritab, a DC excipient based on a blend of Dextrose Monohydrate and Maltodextrin designed for the supplements market. The SYRAL products are used in several pharmaceutical applications, including capsules, tablets, suspensions and syrups, and most of them meet the European and US Pharma monographs.

Trevor Bridger, Regional Business Manager for Azelis Pharma in the UK, comments, “The addition of SYRAL’s starch based derivatives to our portfolio extends the basket of oral excipients we offer to the Pharmaceutical market. These, combined with our speciality flavours, sweeteners and other oral excipients mean that we are well placed to provide a good technical, product and logistics service to producers of tablets, capsules, sachets and liquid medicines. Whether they be looking to extend their product range, improve security of supply, rationalise the supplier base or simply reduce costs, Azelis Pharma UK can meet many of their requirements