Azelis receives 2022 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for Food & Beverage and Personal Care

31 August 2022

Azelis has been recognized with two Ringier Technology Innovation Awards, one in Food & Beverage and another one in Personal Care. The awards illustrate Azelis’ commitment to provide innovative solutions through comprehensive ingredient knowledge together with formulation expertise.

Azelis received both awards based on technical knowledge of its principals’ products, which includes extensive assessment, research and analysis of each winning ingredient’s efficacy, functionality and sustainable characteristics. The Azelis China Food & Nutrition and Personal Care teams thoughtfully selected the ingredients to submit for the Ringier Awards based on market research, interest to consumers, and the uniqueness and value of each ingredient.

Jackson Chu, Azelis China Managing Director, comments:

“We are honored and proud to receive these two awards, which demonstrate our value both as an innovation partner to our principals and as a leading provider of innovative ingredients and sustainable solutions. Together with our partners, we are dedicated to combining our technical expertise and their pioneering ingredients to innovate with our customers, developing even more innovative solutions that will contribute to the overall growth of the food & beverage and personal care industries.”

Azelis’ strong collaboration with principals GC Rieber[1] and Miyoshi[2], along with its reputation for delivering outstanding results, earned their trust in allowing Azelis to promote their products and recommend their ingredients for the 2022 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards. The awards further demonstrate the value Azelis brings to its principals as a partner in innovation with in-depth technical expertise.

GC Rieber’s VivoMegaTM 5025 TG Premium, an omega-3 fish oil concentrate, was submitted by Azelis for the 2022 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Food & Beverage in the Innovative Product of the Year category. VivoMegaTM 5025 TG Premium utilizes a unique 4-step concentration process that ensures the effective components in the product reaches more than 80%, maintains a good flavor, and has a high absorption efficiency. After extensive research into the benefits and functionalities of this ingredient, the Azelis China Food & Nutrition team determined the product is of great value in meeting global consumer demand for concentrated fish oil with nutraceutical benefits.


Miyoshi’s MM3-TR-10, a titanium dioxide powder, was submitted by Azelis for the 2022 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Personal Care in the Functional Ingredients category. MM3-TR-10 is an innovative titanium dioxide powder combining amino acid, silicon and metallic soap triple surface treatment in one, with superior performance for a variety of applications, including color makeup and foundation makeup. When utilizing this ingredient for cosmetic formulations, the Azelis China Personal Care team concluded that MM3-TR-10 is easy to disperse, highly stable, has excellent color presentation, and provides a nice sensory feel when applied to the skin.


Among the most prestigious industry awards in China, the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards encourage the promotion of innovative ingredients and acknowledge companies who have contributed to the advancement of the Chinese food & beverage and personal care industries through the development of new ideas, methodologies, products or technologies.

[1]GC Rieber VivoMega is a leading producer of marine-derived, high-quality, omega-3 fish oil concentrates that are sustainability certified and offer excellent sensory performance. Their range of omega-3 concentrates contain combinations of essential fatty acids that can be used in a variety of food supplement and nutraceutical formulations, in line with health-conscious market trends that emphasize a healthy-lifestyle and growing demand for nutritional supplements.

[2]Miyoshi Suzhou, part of the Miyoshi Group of companies, is a global leader in the development and manufacture of surface treated pigments and mineral substrates for the cosmetics industry. Miyoshi leverages its expertise and proprietary technologies in surface treatments to develop superior products for color cosmetics and skin care.