Azelis reinforces its industrial chemicals footprint in EMEA with the acquisition of the lube oil distribution assets of Ak-taş

30 June 2022

Azelis, a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire the specialty lubricant (L&MWF) distribution assets of Ak-taş in Turkey. The transaction includes the oil additive business of Ak-taş as well as the base oil distribution business of Whitechem, a subsidiary of Ak-taş.    

Ak-taş and WhiteChem partner with blue-chip principals and have long-standing relationships with customers in Turkey and the surrounding region.

The acquisition further strengthens Azelis’ lateral value chain (LVC) in the L&MWF market segment, following the acquisition of Umongo in South-Africa earlier this year. It is a further reflection of Azelis’ commitment to sustainability, expanding key relationships with principals with a strong agenda in renewable and sustainable base oils. With an application laboratory dedicated to L&MWF, Azelis’ technical specialists aim to consistently drive innovation and sustainability within the segment, as well as the wider market.

The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2022, after fulfilment of customary closing conditions.

Anna Bertona, CEO & President Azelis EMEA, adds:

“Acquiring the distribution assets of Ak-taş and WhiteChem allows us to develop critical mass in the L&MWF market in EMEA. We have a clear strategy to further grow our presence in these specialty segments and with this acquisition we have all key building blocks at our disposal. Having already worked with Ak-taş in the past when we acquired Ekin Kimya from them in 2019, we have developed a close relationship based on similar values and technical focus. We look forward to welcoming them into the Azelis family and together growing the L&MWF business of Azelis.”

Mr. Muharrem Aktaş, Chairman of Ak-taş Dış Ticaret A.Ş., says:

“Today we are very happy to announce that we have opened a new and safe road for our additive and base oil distribution business. Over the years, Ak-taş and WhiteChem teams have developed a strong business, combining technical expertise with close and long-lasting relationships with principals and customers. We are confident that with Azelis we have found the right partner to continue growing the business based on these key ingredients for success. ”

Mr. Deniz Özgür Aktaş, CEO of Whitechem SA., remarks:

“We are highly pleased, as of today, to announce that we have signed an agreement to sell our base oil distribution business to Azelis. Whitechem SA, a subsidiary of Ak-taş, has shown a remarkable performance in this business over the years and built a sound basis for the continuity.We strongly believe that Azelis will grow it further from there with its clear strategy and high level of dedication to the sector.”

Dr. Murat Çıtıroğlu and Ms. Gamze Çıtıroğlu of Ak-taş/WhiteChem, highlight:

“We are very happy to be joining the Azelis team. We have a rich history with Azelis through Ekin Kimya and decades long business partnership with blue-chip principals of Aktaş/Whitechem. Through this new partnership, we will make the two leading forces meet and drive the L&MWF market together. We will be able to leverage the power of Azelis’ expansive global network and blue-chip principals’ state-of-the art products. These combined synergies will create continued growth, and we look forward to bringing this expertise to the market.”  

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