Azelis reveals its new brand promise and tagline: ‘Innovation through formulation’, reinforcing a whole-hearted commitment to technical leadership

11 July 2019

Azelis is excited to launch its new tagline: ‘Innovation through formulation’, which is a reinforcement of the company’s continuous investment in technical expertise. Over the years, the speciality chemicals and food ingredients distributor has been investing resources, both financial and non-financial, in strengthening its innovative services: adding new application laboratories in all regions, creating innovative and award-winning formulations, whilst offering formulation support to its customers. Azelis’ owner EQT fully supports the company’s direction and offers guidance and advice to further strengthen this role.

Highlights & rationale

  • ‘Innovation through formulation’ is the company’s new tagline and reflects the new strategic direction.
  • Azelis has expanded its number of labs from 12 to 60 since 2012 and increased the number of its lab professionals, creating a talented pool with over 1.000 years of cumulative experience in application laboratories.
  • The company is proud to have won more than 20 innovation awards in the past three years, all given by independent industry organisations.
  • Strong application and formulation support is in line with Azelis’ ambition of becoming the benchmark for the industry and market leader in providing innovative solutions to its customers.

Azelis creates value with ­and for its partners by turning ideas into market-leading solutions that drive growth. The company routinely provides its customers with innovative formulations that address the most stringent market requirements and consumer trends. This is made possible through its 60 application laboratories worldwide, along with its experienced, market-focused sales teams. Azelis has expanded its number of labs from 12 to 60 since 2012 and significantly increased the number of its lab professionals, creating a talent pool with over 1.000 years of cumulative expertise in application laboratories. The high number of application labs allows the company to serve the local market needs while at the same time helping customers to shorten their time to market.

Dr. Hans Joachim Müller, Azelis group CEO, comments: “We have embarked on a journey from being a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients to becoming a global, fully integrated and innovative service provider, with a wide-ranging expertise in the industry. An important part of this journey has been and remains organic growth with our partners and part of that growth is delivered through strong application and formulation support that comes from our laboratories. This additional value we create is very important to our customers and principals alike, it’s important to our owners and it stimulates sense of pride and loyalty in our employees.

On the occasion of revealing the new brand promise, Azelis is today launching a new brand movie which tells the story of how Azelis’ innovations are part of everyone’s daily life. The movie features only some of the most recent innovations the company has formulated: a customisable, bio-degradable facemask, a healthy brioche, high-protein milk, and paint with reduced settling in the can for longer shelf life.

Azelis has been celebrating its laboratory experts by sharing the profiles of these lab professionals on its corporate website and on the company’s social media pages. The company has also been promoting its labs and product innovations through many lab videos, both on its website and social media, such as the most recent product video ‘Unicorn Lips’, on Azelis’ catwalk collection for personal care trade show in-cosmetics Global 2019.

Azelis’ commitment to growing and strengthening its lab capabilities has already resulted in significant impact and recognition. The company continues to win innovation and excellence awards, including the Ringier Technology Innovation Award and Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Award in China earlier this year, as well as the Silver Make Up Bar Award at in-cosmetics Global 2019 in France, to name only the most recent ones. In total, Azelis has won over 20 innovation awards since 2015.