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Azelis steps up its offering to the Speciality Agri/Horti market by opening a lab in Italy

6 June 2019

Azelis is pleased to announce it has opened an application laboratory in Milan, Italy. This technical centre will be servicing the Speciality Agri/Horti market and is an important extension to the existing technical support network, with Agri/Horti labs in Vietnam and New Zealand. With this new application laboratory, Azelis can offer the markets in EMEA support through product analysis, innovative conceptual work, formulation development, technical training and seminars for customers and suppliers.

Highlights & rationale


  • The new Agri/Horti lab is Azelis’ third  one in Italy, following Personal Care and Homecare labs, and a third Speciality Agri/Horti lab globally.
  • The lab has been designed to support all stages of the development process, from concept to final formulation.
  • In addition to a full range of prime quality products for Agri/Horti industry, Azelis now offers the value-adding formulation support as well.
  • This new lab fits Azelis’ strategy to be an innovation service provider to the industry.

Ambrogio Erba, Market Segment Director Speciality Agri/Horti, Azelis, comments: “We are very excited to add another application laboratory in EMEA in general and we are particularly excited to enhance our offering to the Agri/Horti industry. With our highly qualified staff in the new lab and with their combined experience of over 50 years in the industry, we will be able to further strengthen the technical support given to our customers at a local and international level, starting from concept to applied products to formulation creation.”


Azelis offers products to cover a wide range of functionalities and applications for the Speciality Agri/Horti business. For both crop and non-crop applications, Azelis distributes a full range of co-formulants and solvents for plant protection and seed coating. For crop nutrition markets, it offers a wide range of macro and micro nutrients, fertilisers and dedicated additives to optimise the release processes.


With more than 50 application labs across the world, each dedicated to a specific industry and a local market, Azelis provides technical support to its partners. Azelis Speciality Agri/Horti now has three labs staffed by skilled industry chemists and formulators.


Curious to get a glimpse of Azelis’ newest lab? Click here.

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