Azelis to sell Pintaluba enzymes in the UK & Ireland

6 April 2011

The Spanish specialty animal feed ingredient business, Andrés Pintaluba S.A., has appointed Azelis as the UK and Ireland distributor for its feed enzyme range.

Azelis will now sell the proven Amylofeed E1612 and Endofeed DC E1601 enzymes directly to the pig and poultry feed trade in the two countries.  

Commenting on the new distribution agreement, Azelis Development Manager, Animal Nutrition, Dr Alan Reeve said:   “We’re delighted to be representing the respected Pintaluba enzyme products in the UK and Ireland. Established over 25 years ago, Pintaluba has an excellent track record in the development of specialty feed ingredient products and their flexible enzyme range offers proven benefits for feed producers seeking to add value to pig and poultry diets.”  

Amylofeed is a powdered concentrate for cereal-based piglet diets incorporating ß-glucanase, ß-xylanase and α-amylase activity. Pintaluba trials demonstrate FCR improvements of up to 5% and piglet weight gain improvements of up to 10% following inclusion of Amylofeed in the diet.  

Endofeed is the dedicated enzyme product for broiler and layer diets rich in non-starch polysaccharides and/or based on corn-soya.  Incorporating ß-glucanase and ß-xylanase activity specifically, and also complementary activities, Endofeed promotes average daily liveweight gain improvements of up to 15% in broilers and up to 10% higher egg weights in layers following enzyme inclusion.  

Feed inclusion rate for Amylofeed is 500g per tonne of finished feed. Endofeed inclusion rate is 125g per tonne. Both products are packed in lined 25 kg bags and have a 24 month shelf life.