Azelis UK appoints HW Coates as new supply chain partner for all packed goods

14 November 2011

As part of the overall strategic plan for logistics and supply chain to improve efficiencies and improve customer service levels, Azelis has appointed HW Coates as our new partner for the warehouse and transport of packed goods in the UK and Ireland.
The scope of this project covers the majority of the packed business of Azelis UK including the recently acquired S&D.
Joan Traynor, Regional Managing Director of Azelis UK & Ireland, comments “With the appointment of HW Coates to service all of our packed goods distribution requirements in the UK and Ireland we are confident that we will increase efficiencies, be able to leverage automation technology with higher consolidated volumes and ultimately improve our customer service". 
"We undertook a comprehensive selection programme during 2011 and HW Coates were best able to meet our requirements for efficient, continuous improvement. Their skill and experience in handling the types of chemicals and raw materials we offer to our various markets was another key consideration” adds Jim Robertson, Regional Supply Chain Manager Azelis UK & Ireland.
H.W. Coates' core market is the warehousing and distribution of packaged chemicals. They are the market's leading independent operator, serve most of the major names in global chemicals and pharmaceuticals and have a leading role in the Hazchem Network.
Their strength is their ability to take a long-term strategic view for warehousing and distribution. They have built up the business over fifty years and have invested at every stage in the highest quality vehicles, leading edge IT and are and ready to support innovation to serve their customers better.
For Azelis, the company will operate from 3 main sites, namely Middlewich for chemicals and composites, Lutterworth for food & feed and Hertford for personal care, pharmaceuticals and plastics. Other facilities will also be used for specific product, facility accreditation requirements where needed.