Azelis wins PCHi Fountain Award with selection of Tagra’s SunCaps™ UV Filters

27 February 2019

Azelis, a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients, is delighted to announce it has won the 2019 Fountain Award for Personal Care and Cosmetics Innovation at the PCHi exhibition in Guanzhou, China for the third year in a row. PCHi places innovation at the heart of the show and aims to reward the expertise of participating companies. The competition was fierce, with 147 products from more than 100 companies joining, while being judged by 11 industry experts during a two-month selection process.

Highlights & rationale

  • The Fountain Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the personal care industry in China.
  • Key criteria to win this award: the choice and performance of a raw material in a newly developed formulation. A scientific article had to be submitted to prove the innovation claims.
  • Azelis’ contribution of Tagra’s SunCaps™ UV Filters was selected.
  • By using SunCaps™ microcapsules, the Azelis Personal Care team in China developed unique stable sunscreen formulations showing a broad protection range and improved safety profile.
  • This award is a recognition of Azelis’ continuing efforts to deliver innovative services.

The Fountain Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the personal care industry in China. Azelis impressed the judges, consisting of industry leading professionals, with its selection of Tagra’s SunCaps™ UV Filters microcapsules. SunCaps™ are unbreakable and transparent microcapsules made of a single layer cellulose based polymer shell which provides optimal isolation of the UV filter and prevents its degradation while improving its UV protection profile.

Jane Zhang, Head of Personal Care in China, comments: “Like last year, we have made a careful selection of the most innovative raw materials to enter the competition. It has again proven to be a challenging exercise as there are so many impressive raw material resources in the cosmetic market to choose from. It’s a matter of understanding the needs of the cosmetic market, customer trends and the product performance of the raw materials. We are thrilled to see that Tagra’s SunCaps™ UV Filters have been awarded by the PCHi judges and we are proud of our lab experts who developed the innovative formulation based on this cutting edge ingredient. We will continue to excite the market through further development of new ideas and innovation, continually strengthening our offering to customers.”

Azelis Personal Care has won many innovation awards in the past years, including the 2018 Fountain Award, the 2017 Gold Formulation Award at Cosmetagora (France), Innovation Award at Ringier Technology Innovation Awards (China), Laura Marshall Innovation Award at SCS Formulate (UK) and the Cosmetics Fountain Award at PCHi. These awards are prime examples of Azelis' expertise leading the way in the personal care market. Azelis has 57 application laboratories around the world, with fifteen laboratories dedicated to personal care.