Azelis wins the prestigious Bronze at the Sensory Bar awards at in-cosmetics Global 2022

6 April 2022

Azelis, an innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients distribution industry, is very proud to announce it has won the Bronze award at in-cosmetics 2022 in Paris. The competition is open to all exhibitors at this year’s show. Azelis received the award for the formulation “Redefining IN and OUT Gummies,” two formulations that together follow the trend of beauty – inside and out. One formulation is a transforming texture gummy that can be melted to form a light gel moisturizing face mask, and the second an edible fruit supplement for inner beauty. The theme for this year’s show was “Revival” and the Azelis team developed a range of concepts  that have been designed to revitalize, renew and reinvigorate consumers’ outlook.

Highlights & rationale

  • This is the second in-cosmetics award won by the Azelis Personal Care team, having won previously at the Make Up Bar Awards at in-cosmetics Global 2019 in Paris
  • Azelis’ submission of the formulation “Redefining IN and OUT Gummies” was focused on the need to provide products that support beauty inside and outside the body
  • In addition to the “Redefining IN and OUT Gummies,” Azelis is showcasing the “Revival” range on stand D60 at in-cosmetics Global, a series of revitalizing product formulations highlighting water-free or ultra-low water formations
  • This award is a recognition of Azelis’ continuing efforts to deliver innovative services and focus on sustainability and inclusivity throughout its business

Organized by the in-cosmetics in Paris, the Sensory Award celebrates the most innovative developments in sensory and texture displayed on the show's Sensory Bar. All entries displayed at the Sensory Bar are automatically entered into the Sensory Award and judged at the event by a panel of cosmetics experts.

Using a synergistic blend of natural hydrocolloid gums, the solid OUT Gummy can be diluted in boiling water to become a moisturizing face mask. Rich in glycerine and containing acerola superfruit juices, apricot and mulberry extracts developed using a sustainable production method, the texture transforms from a solid gummy to a textured gel. When smoothed on the skin it then becomes a light gel film. The IN Gummy has been developed using pectin and plant-derived antioxidants and is an edible supplement used to enhance beauty from within. With an elastic yet brittle texture, this edible gummy has a fruity aroma and pleasing texture.

In and Out Gummies

Azelis runs personal care application laboratories around the world, spread over its three regions: EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific. Azelis’ focus and dedication clearly lie in being an innovative partner to all customers and principals. This vision of creating innovation through formulation has brought Azelis great recognition in the market, and the Personal Care team have really found the winning formula on this occasion.

The company is often awarded industry and partner awards for the innovations that are the results of the formulation support that takes place in those laboratories. For a full list of innovation awards, please visit Our people's achievements are recognized by the industry | Azelis

For further information, please check Azelis’ social media channels and its customer portals for the latest show news and videos and come visit Azelis at in-cosmetics Global on stand D60 from 5 – 7 April 2022.