Evonik and Azelis launch a unique concept in Powder-to-Cream technology at In-Cosmetics 2011

29 March 2011

Launched at this year’s In-Cosmetics is a brand new technology that could be set to revolutionise powder to cream applications for skin care, sun care and colour cosmetics.

Developed and refined by the experts at Evonik, this modified silica based system has produced spectacular results and with real innovative, commercial and practical applications. Free-flowing powders turn into liquid creams instantly, upon application. It’s also possible to create emulsions with outstanding skin feel using this brand new technology.

Taking the concept one stage further Evonik have worked in partnership with the Azelis Applications Laboratories to develop a flexible formulator’s toolbox, that will give personal care manufacturers the opportunity to create a myriad of different products from one set of base building blocks.