Fecc interview with Anna Bertona

29 October 2019

Anna Bertona joined Azelis as Group VP Strategic Planning & Implementation in 2013 and was appointed Chief Strategy & Principal Officer in 2014. In 2016 she was appointed Chief Executive Officer EMEA to steer our market teams in the region and with a particular focus on Azelis principal development activities.

What is the most challenging aspect and your main target as Chief Executive Officer & President, EMEA for Azelis?
When we talk about EMEA, we often forget that it is not one coherent region, but rather a complex and demanding environment that consists of many different cultures, different levels of economic and technological development, different regulatory requirements and so on. Our performance, however, needs to be consistent across the whole region, we aim for the same levels of good service and same level of dedicated expert support. This means that we must ensure a broad spectrum of expertise, without any loss of attention for specific local requirements. When unstable or difficult
economic circumstances come on top of that, the picture becomes even more complex. However, we must never lose sight of what drives our strategy and that is organic growth and the best possible service to our business partners wherever we are. We always aim to be the best local champion, in every country where we operate. It is my task to oversee that all those moving pieces are in their right places at all times in EMEA. It’s a tough job, but one that gives a lot of satisfaction and a great sense of achievement.

As an experienced professional and a businesswoman, what is your vision and in which way is Azelis improving gender equality?
Some of the research shows that women remain underrepresented at the top of corporations globally. Companies who are more diverse however are better able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction and decision making, and ultimately perform better financially.

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