Results of the Annual General Meeting 2023 & Dividend payment details

8 June 2023

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Antwerp, Belgium, June 8th, 2023 - 06.00pm CET - Regulated information

Azelis, a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemical and food ingredients industry, today held its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) in Antwerp, Belgium. Azelis Group NV (the “Company”) offered its shareholders the choice to either participate in person, or to cast their vote electronically or by proxy. At the AGM, 86.15 % of all shares entitled to vote were represented.

The AGM approved for the fiscal year 2022 the payment of a gross dividend of € 0.2782 per share, net € 0.1947 per share after deduction of Belgian withholding tax of 30% [1], compared to € 0.03 per share for 2021 (net € 0.02). The ex-dividend date will be 21 June 2023, record date 22 June 2023 and the dividend (coupon no. 2) will be payable as of 23 June 2023 via our paying agent KBC Bank NV.

All other proposed resolutions were approved as well, including:

  • the ratification of the appointment of Mr. Tom Hallam as non-executive and independent director of the Company for a term of 3 years, expiring at the AGM approving the annual accounts of the financial year ending on 31 December 2024;
  • the proposed change to the Remuneration Policy;
  • the terms and conditions of several financing agreements, including change of control clauses at the level of the Company.

The presentations of the Chair of the Board of Directors and of the CEO and CFO are available on the Shareholders Meeting section of the Azelis corporate website.

The minutes of the AGM, including all the resolutions and voting details, will be made available on the Azelis corporate website soon.

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[1]Lower withholding tax rates may be applicable depending on the specific situation of each shareholder.