Solvay-Novecare appoints Red River Specialties, LLC (RRSI), an Azelis company, as their exclusive distributor for agricultural inert ingredients and tankmix adjuvants in North America

22 October 2020

Westport, CT – Effective August 24th, 2020, Red River Specialties, LLC (RRSI), an Azelis company, was appointed the exclusive distributor of the Solvay-Novecare Agricultural Specialties line of agricultural inert ingredients and tankmix adjuvants to both US and Canadian markets. This new Solvay-Novecare mandate for RRSI expands a successful partnership between Solvay-Novecare and Azelis in Europe.

Highlights & rationale

  • This mandate expands our relationship with a strategic principal, Solvay-Novecare, across market segments and regions
  • The new mandate reinforces Azelis’ position as a leading Specialty Horti/Agri distributor in the Americas with industry-focused, dedicated technical sales team
  • This partnership expansion fits perfectly with Azelis’ strategy to grow organically with its key principles.

The Novecare Agricultural Specialties provide a broad range of agricultural co-formulants including Soprophor®, AgRho®, Rhodacal®, Geronol®, Rhodiasolv®, and Geropon®, that are used as adjuvants in agricultural formulations as well as ready to use formulations for agricultural applications. Red River Specialties, LLC will leverage its leading position to grow the Solvay’s inerts and tankmix adjuvants business in the North American market with their extensive knowledge and network of adjuvant manufacturers and other potential Solvay customers.

Mike Cage, Executive Vice President, RRSI, an Azelis company states:
“The Solvay line of active ingredients is a great addition to our portfolio and will be embraced by our customers. Our technical sales team will help our customers with all of the technical support needed. I am confident Red River will grow this business and that we are entering a relationship that will be highly successful for all parties involved - RRSI, Solvay and our customers.”

Benoit Abribat, Vice President, Solvay Novecare Agricultural Specialties commented: 
“We are very excited to embark on this new partnership in North America which naturally evolved from our actual successes of Azelis partnerships in Europe and Asia. Solvay and RRSI are both market leaders and are fully complementary between the Solvay sustainable technologies/formulations and Red River’s highly experienced sales team: the perfect match to better serve our customers.”