Transparency notification

16 March 2022

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In accordance with Article 14 of the Belgian Transparency law of 2 May 2007, Azelis Group NV has received the following transparency notification.

  • Transparency notification from Schroder plc


Summary of the notification


Schroder plc has announced on March 11, 2022, that on March 9, 2022, it held 7,197,939 shares in Azelis Group NV. On the basis of the denominator of 233,846,153 shares, this holding represents 3.08% of the shares.


Reason for the notification


Acquisition or disposal of voting securities or voting rights


Notification by


A parent undertaking or a controlling person


Persons subject to the notification requirement


Transparency notification


Date on which the threshold is crossed


9 March 2022


Threshold that is crossed (in %)








Notified details

Transparency notification

Chain of controlled undertakings through which the holding is effectively held, if applicable

Transparency notification

Additional information


Not provided.


The full transparency notifications can be consulted on the Azelis Group NV’s website.

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