Unigel appoints Azelis Polymers as UK distributor

17 March 2011

Azelis Polymers has been appointed exclusive UK distributor of an exciting range of competitively priced PMMA from the Brazilian group Unigel.  Unigel is a conglomerate of companies with more than 40 years experience in the plastics and petrochemical sectors. Over this time growth has been a result of operational flexibility and the ability to transform technology into businesses. Its products integrate into daily life areas such as food and drink packaging, staple fibres, civil constructions, electro-electronic cars, equipment and agricultural products.  Unigel’s main business areas are: chemical specialities, performance plastics, agriculture and packaging.

In the chemical specialities area, Unigel is the only producer of Acrylonitrile in the southern hemisphere and the only producer of Methacrylates (MMA and EMA) and Acrilates (MA and EA) in Latin America.

In the performance plastics sector, the group has a leadership position in Acrylics and Polycarbonates in South America. In Acrylics, Unigel is vertically integrated in production and produces HCN (Cyanidric Acid), ACH (Acetone Cyanidrine), MMA (Methyl Methacrylate), Acrylic resin (Acrigel™ PMMA), Cast (Acrigel™ CT) and Extruded (Acrigel™ Xt) Acrylic sheets.

Acrigel™ PMMA Uses & Applications
• Automotive tail light
• Automotive cluster
• Medical devices
• Cosmetics
• Lighting
• Sun Visors
• Toys
• Household Appliances

• High light transmission
• High UV resistance
• Lightweight
• Superior scratch resistance

Standard Colours
• Clear
• Transparent colours

David Turner, Regional Business Manager Polymers UK, comments "I am delighted that Unigel has chosen Azelis in the UK to represent the Acrigel™ PMMA range. This important addition bolsters our portfolio and offers the Azelis customer an excellent product range at competitive prices. We are all looking forward to working with Unigel and promoting their products within the UK market".

Fernando Molina, Account Manager Unigel Plásticos replied "We are grateful to be launching our line of Acrigel™ PMMA to the UK market via Azelis. They have a well established distribution business with the right resources and expertise to promote the Unigel brand successfully within the UK".