Phenoxy Polymers For Industrial Paint Applications

Phenoxy Polymers For Industrial Paint Applications

Azelis & Ekin Academy Online Seminar:
Phenoxy Polymers For Industrial Paint Applications 

08.07.2020 / 14.00-15.00 / 60 minutes (45 mins presentation+15 mins Q&A)

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Stefan Hagenberg / Azelis Senior Technical Development Manager, CASE EMEA

Who should attend?
Customers producing water and solvent based industrial paint

What does it cover?
During this seminar, you can learn about our phenoxy products which can increase the mechanical and chemical resistance of your paint.

What will you learn?
You can receive comprehensive information on ​Gabriel phenoxy polymers, learn about the chemical structure, as well as advantages for coating and also get tips on innovative formulations using these products. 

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